CC360 Managed Print

Looking for a practical way to manage and reduce expenses?

A recent Gartner study revealed that 1-3% of a company’s annual revenue is consumed with office printing expenses. Companies that actively manage their printing can realize savings of up to 30% on their office printing.

We can help you cut costs.

The CC360 program from Conestoga Business Solutions can help you realize these savings. Our proven four step program is a practical way to cut costs and improve productivity:

We Measure Your Current Cost of Printing

Most companies have no idea how much they are spending on printing. With print cartridges purchased through office supply budgets, printers purchased by IT and service paid out of another account, it can seem impossible to calculate the impact of printing costs on your company.

We can help. Our rapid discovery software quickly gathers information on your entire fleet of printers. In addition to device make and model information we are able to determine actual usage levels. These printing volumes can be lined up with your current supplies costs or a database of street prices on printing supplies.

The bottom line: you get an accurate measurement of the cost of printing in your organization. This forms the baseline for improvement and is the foundation for a customized print management program for your company.

We create a Custom Program For You

Next, we create a customized program to manage your fleet of printers. Following are several common examples of our printer fleet management programs.


Many of our clients prefer our cost-per-page program where we manage their existing fleet of printers for one cost per page. Similar to a service agreement on your copiers, one cost-per-page includes everything you need to print:

  • Printer Supplies
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • On Site Support
  • Help Desk Support

Instead of paying for print cartridges, parts and service, you simply pay one cost-per-page for the prints you use.

Fleet Update Program

Some clients want us to update some or all of their aging fleet of printers.

In this program, we can include new laser printers and/or multifunction systems in your cost-per-page. This gives you all the benefits of managed print services along with new equipment with no capital expenditure required. In this arrangement, you simply pay for the prints you use giving you:

  • Transparency into your printing budget
  • Control over your printing costs
  • Fewer payables to manage

We Manage Your Fleet of Printers

With our managed print services program you get everything you need to control and reduce your printing expenses:

Print Management Software

We monitor your printer fleet with innovative software that enables us to respond proactively to restock supplies or provide service. View the real-time status of your entire printer fleet, through an intuitive web-based management console. Rich usage reporting provides useful information to make effective management decision to optimize and update the fleet on an ongoing basis.

Printer Supplies

We provide a wide range of OEM and compatible cartridges for major printer brands like HP, Xerox, Lexmark and IBM. Even if you have multiple brands of printers in your fleet, you can look to us as your single source for printer supplies.

On Site Service and Parts

When a device is down, we are able to handle the problem through our help desk. If onsite support, is needed we respond with our team of service professionals. Your printers stay online keeping your office productive. Ongoing service ensures that your printers will last longer, extending the life cycle of your assets.

Inventory Management

We monitor the supply levels in each of your devices and automatically ships out a cartridge to a printer when it is running low. This ensures that your printers do not run out of supplies and reduces the cost of having a large inventory of cartridges in your facilities.

Continuous Improvement

Realize the benefits of continuous improvement. We can provide regular reviews of your usage. Leveraging data from the continuous monitoring system, we work with you to identify usage trends, problem areas and potential cost savings. You benefit from continuous improvement to reduce costs and increase productivity.

One Point of Contact

Although there are many support people behind the scenes facilitating the program, you can be assured that one single point of contact will manage and oversee your unique print management needs.

We Continuously Improve Your Program

Your business needs will likely continue to evolve. As we monitor your printer fleet, we can schedule quarterly meetings with you to review your usage trends.

These usage reports often uncover additional productivity improvement and cost reduction ideas such as:

  • Re-deploy high volume devices to high usage areas
  • Remove redundant systems
  • Deploy multifunction systems
  • Integrate document management solutions

How to Get Started:

The first step is to discover what you currently have. To do this, we use Rapid-Discovery Technology to learn about the devices in your printer fleet and the usage data.

We compile this information and run it through our document auditing program to determine your actual “Total Cost of Ownership” for printing. The result is a comprehensive Print Fleet Assessment Report that provides you with the data necessary to make informed decisions regarding optimization of your printer fleet.