Careers Overview

Our Culture and Work Environment

We are on a mission to revolutionize the way companies work. We help our customers and our employees find better ways to do great work. Our culture helps our people see their dreams materialize into real solutions for the real world. We continuously strive to build a great workplace and year after year have attracted people with world-class talent, drive, and vision.

Our unwavering commitment to continue to be one of the highest performing organizations within Xerox Business Solutions and our search for excellence and solutions for our clients defines our future and will ensure our success. We are a local company with a culture of performance and agility. We make decisions locally, yet we have the support of our respected parent company. We are reinventing document solutions and having fun while doing so! Start your career with us today.

Our Values

Our rich heritage is based on customer-focused and employee-centered values that help us deliver profitability and growth, while helping our clients to reach their company goals.

Our Training and Development

We are dedicated to providing career development for all employees. Getting your career on the right path takes involvement from both you and your company. We work with you in assessing where you currently are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

What does your future with Conestoga hold? The chance to learn and realize your full potential with our focused training programs including opportunities for career growth and personal development.

Our Technology

The innovation that we bring to document systems, software, and integrated solutions is unparalleled in the industry and is built into our broad portfolio of Xerox technology. We continually seek ways that technology can help people to work and live better. Our 360° Assessment approach provides complete solutions for our customers.

Our Diversity

Inclusion is a coveted business asset. Our diverse workforce infuses fresh ideas, perspectives, and creativity into our solutions. That is our business advantage.

Our Service and Quality

Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is recognized around the globe as part of Xerox Business Solutions, Inc. and we strive to find creative solutions to meet our customer needs. We run our business with a disciplined approach to productivity and efficiency – and we help our customers do the same.